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Thread: Fiberglass Workshop

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    Fiberglass Workshop

    Any of you guys know how to get in touch with John from the fiberglass workshop?

    I tried his number but it's been disconnected and his email/domain are no longer valid.


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    Re: Fiberglass Workshop

    He gets on this forum now and then I belive his name here is johns

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    Re: Fiberglass Workshop

    If you are looking for some classess/demo info I have a contact from my supplier where I'm pickingup my supplies from.
    Never tried the contact my self yet, but I'm interested on what he has to say about carbon fiber process and vacum baging and whatever goes along with it. Let me know if you are interested.

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    Re: Fiberglass Workshop

    Love.. thanks I'll try PM but his email on the site is still the old one @fiberglassworkshop.

    Chimaera > I bought the ferrari 328 molds from DON and wanted John to make me a new front bumper for the replica he built for me

    John> if you read this please PM me your phone #.

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    Re: Fiberglass Workshop

    pm sent

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