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Thread: MR2 to F355

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    MR2 to F355

    Hi all

    I'm from the UK and I have built a F355 kit for my MR2 Turbo
    and decided to create a website dedicated to my car and other cars made by the same company.

    The kit was built to fit the MR2 unlike some where they modify Fiero kits to fit the MR2, and never really look right. These kit in my opinion are the best in the UK at present, they even been on a national TV program call Pulling Power.

    On my car I have fitted real F355 wheels, lights and badges.
    Inside the car is an H-Gate black leather trim with yellow stitching and sprayed silver dash.

    You can see my car at my web site<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    I would highly recommend seeing this site. He has introduced me to the builder and they are a great groups of guys! I am hoping to facilitate some North American orders for them. But when it comes to questions, these guys are helpful, knowlegeable, and friendly.
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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Thanks for the support and I'm glad you got on with the guys that make the kit.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Just updated my site.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Those MR2 355's are really nice looking.

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Nice site

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Well thank you people i'm glad you like.

    Going to kit car show this weekend, and hope to have some more pic's and maybe a video clip of say 3 or more cars on the move but we will see.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re:MR2 to F355

    Really good looking site......Well Done.
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