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Thread: F40 Slow but worth it.....BUILD

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    Hi all,

    Happy new year to you all

    Just another little update on some of the jobs i did before the year ended. Ive been working more on all 4 wheel arches, both front are now cut and repositioned ready for glassing. Ive also brought the rear bumper and doors out from storage so they can be worked on at the same time. And i also had a quick tidy up as i was knee deep in filler dust!


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    Your project is looking simply amazing plasticfantastic. Incredible work going on. I can hardly wait to see it all one colour so really see the final lines and shapes.

    Please keep up with the updates as we are all enjoying them.

    Happy New Year
    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Hi all,

    Thank you very much for your kind words Don, its hard to tell sometimes if people can tell there are any differences from the updates and from what ive been changing. Im getting very close to being done with major changes and hoping to start making the roll cage soon to change up some of the work.

    Over the last few days i started to look at a dash molding i have for fitment and starting to decide how to convert it to right hand drive. Most of it is in such poor condition that i will start again but it will give me the dimensions i need.

    I have mostly been reworking the LH rear wheel tub (again!), since the decision to move to 19's i have had to maximise every spare millimeter to make sure there is as much room as possible for wheel clearence and suspension travel. Now i have 140mm rideheight between the ground and chassis and this leaves me with around 75mm of bump travel which im happy with.


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    Looking good man, looking really good!


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    man its all in the details, and you are really spending time in places where it counts. good work, it is gonna be beautiful.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments guys

    Just another small update but theres hours going into these wheel tubs, theyre pretty slow going! but they are getting there. Now i have got all the space there possibly is tu use for the fear suspension movement. The inside wheel tub is now touching the inside of the NACA duct on the backend. At full bump on a 19" rim the chassis is 75mm from the floor, and just a comparison pic of the original 17" tire on the other side which leaves less than 25mm between chassis and ground at full bump.

    No there is enough room in the arch im working on how it joins to the backend when the backend is closed. I want the inside of the arch to be as seamless as possible so it doesnt collect road muck and im building in a step that helps stop any water making its way past into the rear bumper and it also halps locate the rear end and bumper tegether when closed.


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    A few more

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    Your build is awesome

    Your build is one of the best I've seen. The only ones that compare are done by a friend of mine. He has the only molds I know of made from the real car and his parts are super expensive as he has everything manufactured with factory ferrari owners in mind. He makes the bodies with the same Kevlar and carbon as the original and his seats sell for 17k a piece and from my understanding the entire package is over 60 thousand dollars and you still need a 308 chassis or custom frame. His cars when finished are the best looking replicas of the f40 I've seen so far but the price even made me nut up because it's too rich for my blood. I'm gonna try to get him to hook me up a deal but after seeing the ferrari fxx he is working on in his shop I don't think any huge price breaks will be coming my way . may be able to help you if you need dimensions or templates but parts are too pricey and he won't budge on the manufacturing process either. Anyway seeing yoir build made me think of his kit and how nice yours looks and that this is my dream car that one day I will build but want it right now, waaah , Waugh, wahhh

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