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Thread: gallardo a new approach?

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    gallardo a new approach?

    i was asked the other day, in person not via email, to consider this project, we had actually considerded it before but not persued it as there are 2 others out there.
    so anyway as i have the cad of the mr2 i overlaid it with a gal and worked out at 96 percent scaling it lines up quite well.
    it would work with a genuine screen and side windows and lights too. a new screen surround would be fabricated and bolted onto the old mr2 bonnet hindge mounts at the front edge and pick up on the original mr2 screen support frame (inside the visable bodywork so an unpick of the spot welds is required) this frame then clad with an inner/outer grp cover.
    the size differences ive tabled below so you have oe size then difference to mr2 then mr2 size, then revised scaled size and finally difference on scaled size to oe lam size.

    Gallardo sizes difference mr2 sizes revised @96% difference

    4300 long 400 3895 long 4128 270
    1899 wide 200 1695 wide 1823 60
    1181 high 60 1240 high 1145 -35
    2560 wheelbase 90 2450 wb 2450 90
    1620 front 145 1475 front 1555 65
    1590 rear 130 1460 rear 1526 60

    as i said ive done a cad overlay but to help you all here is a 4 car line up just as a quick photoshop side view, youve got
    top the scaled sized replica as best quickly to the others
    an overlay of scaled rep onto mr2
    a mr2
    and a real gal.
    they are all scaled relevant to the silver mr2 picture and give a fair impression from what i see on the cad.

    the low sloop to the front of the screen is possible without any major mods to the mr2, in our tradition this is a bolt on conversion otherwise we wouldnt consider it with the exception of the screen.
    (and no we dont actually have any plans to do it, its just an excersise we are really busy satisfying orders and with the 2 kits we have in development currently. i reckon on 6k for a full conversion excluding lights and glass and at this point roof as i havent looked into it and how it works/looks.)
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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    hi jamesw,nice to talk to you the other day,all i can say to you bud is best of british to ya,i really really hope it works out and gets going,
    as ive told you if theres any help i can offer that maybe of any use to you feel free to ask
    given how long it takes you guys to knock stuff out i reckon you could be onto a good thing,
    all the best

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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    That is really close. Have you done the front and rear shots yet? I smell a business plan in the worst.

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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    hey jon
    hey brastic
    no i only did the side as a quick guide for anyone who is interested, the cad i use doesnt produce good picture type images, not with the complex overlays but we looked to get the panel lines to match up with the mr2 main structure and inner wings and its well suited.

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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    I really wish they offered hard tops based on the MR2 body style like the Ferrari 355 kits.

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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    Quote Originally Posted by VF1Skullangel
    I really wish they offered hard tops based on the MR2 body style like the Ferrari 355 kits.
    I prefer the hard tops also, but if I remember correctly, the convertibles out sell the hard tops. I do not know how much work it would be to make a top that look good for this car.

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    Re: gallardo a new approach?

    hi brastic
    it was just an excercise to demonstrate what could be done,
    for a hardtop? a quick look doesnt really make an easy conversion, main problem is engine access at the back
    for the soft top it makes sense the mr2 roadster/mrs donor has a good basic roof frame which we are well experianced with modifying as with the electric one we do for our ED F430 conversion, or even just the manual one as that opens and closes and locks itself down without the need for cheap pop studs or whatever other methods have been used.
    if the market is there we would make it, but i havent seen any take up on here and this forum is full of enthusiasts, i reckon we wait to see what the gall replacement is, maybe then it works as a product.

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