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Thread: Bat Wing Molded Parts Needed

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    Bat Wing Molded Parts Needed

    To save a little time on my build I figured I'd ask first and check with you guys to see if anyone has the sides (or molds to make them) for the Bat Wings on a G28 / G28L? (I imagine the wings are the same)

    The parts I'm talking about in general are the bottom portion of the wings that is bonded underneath the panels so they can be made functional and the rear part of these should dip in like the originals.

    I borrowed from another thread on here to show everyone what I'm looking for.

    Also, if anyone is offering these as a molded one piece unit, that would work even better. They need to fit a G28L roadster body so I minimize the amount of fitting and work required to normally get these looking right.

    If you have these or are willing to make me a set, please PM me with your price plus shipping to zip code 45801 USA.



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