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Thread: nasty ferrari replica in kc for sale

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    nasty ferrari replica in kc for sale

    saw this...actually ina buddy of mines neighbors yard...seems almost to dumb to post...but thought someone might want to?? read it? lol

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    Re: nasty ferrari replica in kc for sale

    is that a Kelmark?

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    Re: nasty ferrari replica in kc for sale

    Could be a cool restro for someone. Maybe put the body on another Chassis or something. Tail lights would e the first to go. They look like they belong on a old Chevy P/U

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    Re: nasty ferrari replica in kc for sale

    He means Dino,although it doesn't look much like one to me. Back in the day nearly all kit cars were built on vw chassis. This one looks as though it has one of the mid engine chassis, but everything is so dated I don't think it would be a practical rebuild. My first kit car was a meyers manx splash on a vw back around 1970. There were lots of rolled vws around and all you had to do was pull the body shorten the chassis and mount the body. Super easy build.

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