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Thread: kit car scammers

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    kit car scammers

    iv'e read quite alot about the company's that take your money and don't send any goods on this forum and it makes me please i live in the uk for this the uk i have never heard of 1 company who has done this or have generally been scammers,sure you get the new company with big ideas who take a new design kit to the annual shows but then never see them again.but they never take deposits or anything like that.fortunatly the uk is quite small and you can get to one side to the other in a couple of hours so visiting the manufacturer is easy.perhaps i could be the first with the same enzo and mercillago kits!!!(jokeing of course)

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    Re:kit car scammers

    I would have to say this has happened here but mainly back in the 80's/90's and mainly based round the Lambo kits but I’m pleased to say that most of the company have gone and so have the people that did the deed. Always be cautious when dealing with a company as the saying goes “once bitten twice shy”.

    Will post pictures of a car I had built once on a Fiat X19 nice looking kit but not much thought went in to the fitting of the kit or may be it was just badly fitted. After a few weeks cracks appeared round where the kit joined the car on the back fenders. Anyway all I got was the run around when I wanted it sorted in the end they went bust. I understood they only built 7 cars and mine was the last.

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