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Thread: Foam Core Bodies

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    Re: Foam Core Bodies

    Quote Originally Posted by vonjet
    Just curious, how is that process any simpler or easier than vacuum bagging?
    OK OK do not read the link article .....I admit it I lied .... this would actually be way easier to do and the future of kit car scams IMHO....

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    Re: Foam Core Bodies

    I read the article and it just doesn't seem any easier sorry. But the paper car does sound like a great way to scam people. Good luck with that.

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    Re: Foam Core Bodies

    vonjet just to clarify, what we do is not lay onto/into a foam core as you are doing this is a process turmite refers to of "coremat" you can use many differnt cores form cardboard tubes, through glass airmat to nomex honeycombs etc.
    what we do is actually inject in liquid form an expanding foam into a 2 part mould, so it fills it out under pressure and makes a very stiff lightweight part.
    we have made boot lid spoilers in this way by simply applying a epoxy gelcoat to both top and bottom moulds and then injecting foam into it.

    the rtm process, you lay in dry cut to shape pieces of glass mat then close the mould (usually with another grp mould) and inject resin into it and suck out the air under vacuum (often done by vacuum only which draws the resin in). this results in a void free/air free part.

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