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Thread: Zonda replica kitcar - BUILD

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    you really have 2 choices for the guage to function properly. 1 change the sending unit or change the guage. when you atart playing with resistors and analog gauges you will start making them act in logarithmic form not what the they had been designed for.
    Said that, there are electronic potentiometers but they are generally much higher in values and operated by push buttons.

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    If you are familiar with Arduinos and can write some simple code in C, reading the gauge, then PWM a light coupled to a photoresistor, you could program it to track exactly, even if your tank has irregular shape (as in the fuel level isn't directly proportional to fuel height).

    If it was reversed and the sender was 90K and the gauge 56K you could parallel a 120K or so and not be too far off in the middle, but still have full and empty read correctly. Some senders are even reversed.

    Do they both go to 0 ohms for full? Maybe with a 100K biasing resistor to 12V you can make it work well enough.

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    As for the megasquirt map, you can get the zero load map worked out just steady state revving in the driveway, but you need a road to get the loaded part sorted. You can sometimes get the light load somewhat buy pumping the throttle, and you may be able to extrapolate the map by hand, but trying to plug someone elses map into you engine is a total crap shoot.

    I'm about to fire up this beauty on MS2. This will be my 3rd megaquirt project going in a '71 vette for the wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicktruman View Post
    So, the question.. My fuel sender is from a Piaggio and my fuel gauge is Auto meter ultra lite.. The problem is they both have a different ohm range.. IIRC the sender is 56k and the gauge 90k What can I make to alter the ohm range of the sender to match the gauge? Some sort of linear amp?

    Have you looked at this ?

    I have recently got one as putting oem 355 gauges in my Extreme 355


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    Quote Originally Posted by nicktruman View Post

    On a sad note I just left a UK ferrari forum due to teh arrogance/ignorance and stupidity of a few of the contributors. I had not realised that replica (or sort of replica) cars can whip up such anger .
    Nick, I'm only about a quarter the way through the thread but wanted to say your build is awesome. Your comment above really resonates with me. I own two genuine 911s (1970 911t and 1994 993) but I am also building a countach replica (LP400 from an untouched Sienna kit). The Porsche community is ok with replicas but the Lambo community no so. Just because you are building a replica, homage, tribute etc. shouldn't be frowned on. In fact, the GT40 community embraces the concept, they share the same forum! In Porsche circles it's not uncommon for owners of genuine 356 speedsters to also have a replica as the genuine article is too precious to drive. Unfortunstely ferrari and lamborghini guys don't share the same view.

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    Hi there, its been a while since i Updated this build thread. Got really busy with a new job ad stuff..
    The car just sits in my garage now waiting, waiting for me to do something to it! I started it last weekend and the car runs like a dream, the engine still sounds awesome. aside from that I used it over Christmas to hide pressies in, knowing no one goes near it
    I have bought 10m of carbon fibre twill and made a mould to remake the front, if it ever warms up enough i will remake the bonnet. not the front wings/fenders just the section between. The original one is horrible.
    The plan is then to rub it down and respray it black and white/cream (not decided yet) The side pods, roof, bonnet and the centre section of the engine cover will all be black. to match the carbon on the front and rear.
    I would also like to retrim the dash, the red fabric is a "bit" loud and i put too much padding beneath it (was my first attempt)
    I have also bought a load of aluminium tube to replace the steel tube for the engine's cooling. The original tube has started to corrode internally and i can see flakes of rust in the cooling liquid.

    So still loads to do, hopefully one step closer to finally finishing it off.

    The youtube channel is still very busy, just before Christmas my car featured on Youtube's featured section and i received nearly 2 million minutes of viewing

    Twin turbo V8 Zonda inspired thingy

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    Great to hear from you nick !! You have a one of a kind kit and its a beauty

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