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Thread: Zonda replica kitcar - BUILD

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    Zonda replica kitcar - BUILD

    Hi guys,
    My dream of finishing my car has come one step closer now. Last week I packed the car up and it is being shipped from the UK to me in Bahrain.
    I also bought an Elise screen which looks like it will do the job. I think it is going to be a major project to fit it a it is much narrower than the current XJS screen and a lot deeper.

    The plan is to get a bodyshop to make a decent body for it based on a cross between the zonda Cinque and the C12, I am still not sure whether I should keep it convertible or not. I am also having a new set of V12 headers and exhaust made, and thinking about going quad turbo, This would save me from having to change the existing t28 units which are a bit on the small size.

    Roll on Feb 3rd

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    Twin turbo V8 Zonda inspired thingy

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