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    New to forum

    Hi to everybody I am new to Ari's site but not new to buildsites. Some of you know me already for my Lambo kits. I just picked up a Ifg testarossa kit that was started back in 92 and I am looking for the rear tail light grill and the the grill for the rear deck lid. Does anybody know what grill was used for the hood. I dont have much info on this kit or how they put them together. Does any body have info on the headlights Thanks Kurt.

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    Re:New to forum

    WELCOME!!! daleford is in charge of finding a hood grille for our testys right now,i did the windshield trick,and i have a guy
    working on a pattern for 512 and tr tailight and nose grilles now,i have the panel for the last tr the 512m tailights with the 4 round lights with the grille in between them.

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    Re:New to forum

    Hey Kurt It is Robert
    go to
    they may have or can help you get the parts you need they also have the name plate and all the emblem

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