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Thread: Looking for Feedback on my Custom Built Kit Car- MAP 200

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    Re: Looking for Feedback on my Custom Built Kit Car- MAP 200

    um, its ok.

    i would never drive it on a public road tho.

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    Re: Looking for Feedback on my Custom Built Kit Car- MAP 200

    Thanks everyone who took their time in responding.

    Bobi1, there are different variations of "offroading". From my rallying history, we use strictly 15" wheels and tires. For real offroading abuse, I do agree on your points. For what I like to do, I feel as though the wheel wells are adequate, and remember too the suspension is height adjustable.

    In terms of the engine cooling, I do agree with you. At this moment, we have holes drilled near the firewall, and also an external engine oil cooler. If for whatever reason the car needs more cooling, we will install our drilled rear panel to let the engine air exit. Nothing like a little R&D!

    I personally am not a fan of fiberglass, being a previous Manx owner. The squeeking of the body leaves much to be desired, and wanted to go a different route with this car.

    In terms of our windshield, we did not want to be dependent on other manufacture's parts, so we decided to go with our own straight windshield and our own headlights- which was a difficult and underrated task!

    The body panels are not directly riveted to the structural frame of the car. There are gussets welded to the frame. On the upper part of the car, we did rivet the body panels to the frame as it was necessary to align the body panels at a 90deg angle. However that part of the car I do not consider "structural" more so cosmetical as they are there to shape the lines of the car.

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    Re: Looking for Feedback on my Custom Built Kit Car- MAP 200

    well its hmmmmm......... let me get back to you on that!

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