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Thread: V12 Fiero

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    V12 Fiero

    I posted this last year,and is well worth the reading.
    With the price of fuel,Im wondering if anyone is interested in a v12...
    Ive got a few engine favorites.
    and of course the 3800 SC series II and III
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    Re: V12 Fiero is doing a good v12 longitudinal swap.

    You meant 505hp for the LS7 right?

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    Re: V12 Fiero

    I am building a 12 and if economy is part of your motivation for your build then I would suggest a diesel or 4cyl.

    I am using the 12 for the sound and the way it delivers its power, not for absolute power. As you know the LS is hard to beat for that

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    Re: V12 Fiero

    A.B chk your PM

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