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Thread: Canada Closed to Any Modified Imports

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    was Canada now Philippines
    A kit car can be brought in if there is proof that it was completed over 15 years ago, like registration.

    An incomplete kit car can be brought in with a very strict number of parts from each supplier. The parts list must be approved before attempting to import.

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    Thank God i'm in the good ol' USA. I hope we don't follow suit in the future though.

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    If they don't look at it at the border, I guy just have to get fake recipes for the parts, go at registration bureau and tell them He made it him self no?
    " "

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    Damn that sucks. I know the racing industry for imports like say Honda Integra Type-R and Nissan Silvia Spec-R will ruin people businesses. People have been doing Honda Integra Type-R replica for the longest time but they don't think of them as a kit car. They usually call it JDM Integra Type-R or JDM I.T.R..

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    see how this car is customized in Canada

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    Canadians. Canadians. Canadians. More think for he?

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    Well a few things to think about;
    1- why do you think stuff made in the USA is better than the home grown
    2- Why give the USA your hard earned cash anyway.
    3- Your local expertise may now get a chance to excel
    John Daley Bendigo, Australia
    Sidecar racer

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