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Thread: Design One Stage II Turbo Setup For Sale

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    Design One Stage II Turbo Setup For Sale

    These components were recently removed from an 87 Mera due to an engine swap (3800 SC) and were fully functional at the time of removal. This particular kit initially sold for $4000 plus and I would like to get $1700 plus shipping for everything. The components are already packed in two boxes and I should be able to ship them anywhere in the US for somewhere around $100 plus or minus. A list of the items included is as follows:

    1. IHI Turbo
    2. Wastegate/Blowoff Valve
    3. Complete ECU
    4. Turbo Timer with Wire Harness
    5. Y Pipe for 1987 Fiero with Old Glasspacks
    6. 2 Barr MAP Sensor
    7. Oil Pan with Oil Return Fitting
    8. Complete 2.8 Engine Related Wiring Harness
    9. Larger Injectors (19 Pound)

    Here are a couple of pictures of the "kit" contents and additional pictures are available via e-mail if requested.

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