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Thread: How cheaply can i build a kit car?

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    How cheaply can i build a kit car?

    Hi, i live in the UK, and i was wondering how cheaply and easily could i build a kit car?

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    That’s a broad question. You can build a kit car at almost any price. Tell us what you have in mind

    If your main concern is the cost. Maybe look for an un-finished project. There are loads of them around and can save you tons of cash. If you have your mind set on a certain style or type. Do some research and ask questions about various kit car producers that make the one you want. Some are good some bad. Basically like any other business. The Mad Mechanics is a good source to find out a lot about the hobby.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    The cheapest way to buy a kit car is to buy one that somebody else built
    I bought my finished 355 Ferrari for under $10,000 usd. At least double was put into it by the prior owner

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    Buy an unfinished project car and go from there.

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    Alot depends on your abilities and timeframe. You can do all the fabrication and body work and save a TON.

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    Just curious are you a high school student who wants a nicely built lambo or ferrari kit car? If you don't mind me asking. What budget are you looking to spend? We can help you from there.

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    There is a cool relatively new kit in England that is really inexpensive. Google Sammio Spyder. You can be on the road for a few thousand pounds. Have fun

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