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    Seat foam

    Recently developed a faster way of producing seat cushion for any style seats. If your looking for lambo or ferrari seats, actual replicas of the real seats, we have the capabilities of producing the seat foam. What I am providing is just the foam it self, formed to the style that you are after. Mind you, this is all done with CAD and CNC, so the seats are as exact as I can get them. The inner metal structure you will have to build that yourself, or just take apart a donor seat to its bare frame, slice the foam in half, carve out the housing for the metal structure and glue it in place. For those who are interested in a pair let me know which seat you are after, there is about 2-3 week lead time for constructing the molds for injection.

    There are different grades available, 3lb, 5lb, 10lb, 17lb, and 25lb per cubic foot density, 3lb would be the softest almost like the bedding foam that you sleep on it just sucks you right in.

    Seat that I am currently working on, 458 cushions
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