i believe the 458 standard wheels size are 20 , normally a lambo replica ground clearence = original lambo's ground clearence ,or almost equal, and taking in consideration areas with alot of speed bumps and potholes , its important to know the ground clearence, especially for a kit car because i dont think that Fiber glass is as resistant to shocks and hits like the normal original body of the authentic car , so ground clearence is important in choosing a kit same as when choosing an original car,so the buyer can decide if the car will be "driveable" and not to have a crashed bumper or sideskirt on the 1st week driving it ) , and the biggest problem in a crashed kit car,is you cant find parts easy and i dont know if it is fixable without changing the part, i had a crash with my bmw front bumper was a bit cracked , and i didnt have to change the bumper, a bodyshop fixed it by using FiberGlass , i realy didnt understand back then how and what they did,but after it was fixed it cost me very little money and looked as good as new . i dont know if this is possible with a kit car(fiberglass body)