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Thread: My Bentley on Ebay

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    So BpaJohnny, What do you do now ? Can you relist it on ebay if the emblems are not shown on the car ? Is this why Matt shows his car with an F on the front and back ?
    Boy , This is confusing !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpajohnny View Post
    How can they tell you to change the grill?!? Its from a Chrysler 300. They don't own the rights to a Chrysler grill.
    I was mostly referring to the general attitudes toward copy right infringement with kits. The grill and lights are the most identifiable trademarks of an auto (aside from the obvious badges and eom wheels). If you wish to advertise a kit in a major public venue like ebay without cease and desist orders it is advisable to display a slightly different light set and grill (while making sure the real lights and grill are available separately so that customers know they can make it real after the fact). This is very evident when looking at Ford's newest car called the Mondeo which looks very much like an Aston Martin except for slight grill/light differences but it also relates to the Chrysler 300's differences with Rolls Royce/Bentley grill/lights and Mercedes C-Class look-a-like Hyundai Genesis. Its amazing how many successful US cars were actually copies of European old school names. The most often kitted car, the Shelby cobra has amazing similarities to the Austin Healey. Second most kitted car Excalibur was replica of the Mercedes Benz SSK.

    Your comment was correct from the start, Fugazzi's kits (all the ones Ive seen) show a Chrysler Grill not a bentley and the car itself is a Chrysler, he does not show bentley badges or oem wheels either. This is why he has no worries about copyright trademark stuff. I dont think they flagged your auction because of your grill/lights... just for the badges and auction wording...sorry for the confusion on my part.

    Your sale is a one off and all you need to do is not mention Bentley or show Bentley badges.
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    Right. You can't use the word bentley or continental gtc anywhere in the eBay listing - you can't even say it looks like a bentley . You also can't show the emblems and badges

    You can show the grill and lights as long as there's no logo on them in eBay

    As far as kit makers, yes they want to avoid showing oem wheels lights and grills , but eBay doesnt care about that
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