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Thread: Another person selling Bentley kits using real Bentley pictures

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    ok i'm getting confused with the names lol....

    @kir auto: you are referring to "jimmy" from fugazzi, or "jim crabtree/sixtencars"? and it says your name is robb, is it the same rob @ fugazzi that sixtencars/jim is referring to?

    sorry for the questions, but too many similar names it's getting confusing

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    kir auto
    i was referring to jimmy at fugazzi there is no rob that works at fugazzi thats what i was saying people see my facebook and youtube and think i work at fugazzi im just friends with matt and helped him wth his videos and advertising i own my own shop have been open since 1997 and i thought that jim was refering to me with the email thing but i dont have a gmail account so not sure who is sending jim emails with my name or matts name involved but its not me

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    That is quite the email Jim . I am disappointed in you. I will say I'm an attorney in California , where your company is located. Advertising a kit you have not seen and have no photographs of , and using pictures of the real car claiming the white car is the kit, if its not, is fraud. You should confirm with your attorney friend in Florida if you don't believe me.

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    While all this is going on. The guy that probably started it all has lowered his price of a Bentley kit to $4050.00
    I think Rockstar is crazy like a fox ! This is from his ebay listing
    BY ORDERING TODAY! For a limited time.........1000 dollars off!
    Option A is now just 4,050 usd

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpajohnny View Post
    Here is what I got...

    "Hey Johhny aka bpajohnny. If you have something else to say to me , Give me a call. 530-527-5000. I have been in business since 1996 and have built over 100 custom and kit cars. I am not some young punk that doesn't know anything about business. I am 56 years old man and a well respected business owner in Red Bluff , Ca. The words you use are very strong , so let me use words just as strong! If you use the word SCAM in a sentence that contains my name or company name again, I will be glad to take the matter to a full conclusion in court. I have a close relative in Holiday , Fl that is a very qualified attorney that would take this up with vigor. I doubt that you want that so. GIVE IT A REST. You have been fairly warned ! Jim Crabtree pres. "
    The definition of"SCAM"is: obtaining money by means of deception including fake personalities, fake photos, fake template letters... I wouldn't be worried about any lawsuits, he has clearly defined himself by his lie filled misleading Ebay add where he brags about the quality of his new kits(that he's never laid hands on), pictures of cars he built"delivered last Friday" (real pictures of the white Bentley) I don't know how anybody could ever trust this guy to build a quality car when he cant be truthful about what he has or hasn't in fact built. Its discouraging to see someone that considers themselves"a well respected businessman"have a total disregard for proper business ethics.There's are my personal opinions, not the opinions of fugazzi cars in any way.

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    Looks like the fraudulent pics in the eBay ad were removed and the listing ended

    Fortunately I saved screen captures

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    So I decided to do a little research and googled Jim crabtree and auto illusions ..the results are not good


    Auto Illusions in PA - : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum

    Anybody in Cumberland MD Area- HELP!!

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