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Thread: replica bentley GTC by exotic fiber glas

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    replica bentley GTC by exotic fiber glas


    My name is Willem and i live in the Netherlands. A long time i have the dream to build my own car. So i was looking at kit cars and i saw the pictures of the replica of the Bentley GTC. I like this car and maybe i want to build this kit car.

    I want to share my things with you on this site and i hope to find the answers on my questions.

    So here is the first question,. does anyone know where i can buy this kit car of the bentley, And are there good sites to see more kit cars and parts?

    i hope somebody knows.
    thank you.


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    Fugazzi Cars of Tampa, FL make a wide body kit

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    There is one on eBay right now. It has a couple days left on the listing. I asked them to email me more info and they sent me some build pictures. I am very impressed !
    Get in touch with them and do a comparison to the others. There is also a company called RockStar replicas, they have a website . Good Luck with your choice !

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