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Thread: A perfect donor for the 458

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    it would be great to do a 458 with a stretch the only problem is there would prob be too many unfinnshed builds and the costs would outway what the cars worth.

    ive done so many differant things with cars over the years but never got anymore than someone doing it standard and the workshop gets crowded with cars for ages.i think most people would be happy with a replica thats pretty close and doesnt take years to build,thats why some of the top kit car manufactuers sells lots of home build kits as the majority of people can do them onto standard cars.

    myself and my dad over the years have built rs2000 customs from ground up and converted cars to big wheel pick ups including a saab car turned into a big wheeled pick up with v8 engine on jag axles etc but after all that work it never got completely finnished and my dad sold engine and scrapped the car,was a crying shame but these things happen.

    either way im sure there will be some great 458 builds out there and some will be near exact and some will be exact enough for most.but if someone finds a donor thats 99.5% then im sure we would all like to know but until then keep up the good work and like macgyer dangerous off dnaoc anythings possible if you have there skills...
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