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Thread: Fiberglass

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    i think i whent through 5 pails 5 gallons in each for all of my external panels. I still have to doo inner door shells, and door cards not to count inner trunk and hood panels plus all of the cabin parts like dash, center console etc..

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    thanks fugaz and chimaera for the info.

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    How much will all of that cost if your buying it for the whole car?

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    Molds and parts?

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    resin varies a lot, I also used chopped mat cause it cheaper and it is not suseptible to seperation like cloth does. My running total to make molds and panels is 4k. Mind you some of the molds may be a bit heavier and I wasted some material as well

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    Alot of this is also subject to what sort of work process are you using?. and what the parts are for?
    is it wet/hand layup? wet layup vaccum bagged?.. dry layup/resin transfer?.. are u post curing parts? .. polyster or vinylester resin or straight epoxy?
    are u making parts that are going to be near very high hear source u might wanna use Modar or Hetron/vinylester..
    Make yourself a list of parts and what they are for.. then u can figure out what chemical and strand compsition are best.
    As far as molds go.. the more resin a product has on it the more it is susebptable to shrinkage, brace your molds very well .. also watch your catalyst rate !. dont over catayise in the spirit of faster progress, your parts are gonna shink drastically once they are exposed to a heat sourceand be very fragile.

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    yeap , just buy a drum, not only its going to save you money, its going to save you lots of time and gas, aaand they will bring you the drum right to your door

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    I wish I could buy a drum, but in my case my molds and panels took me 2 years to make. I wish I could have taken 3 months in summer to make everything but I have this funny thought that it would not have gone well with the wife

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