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Thread: Real Cost of your Tube Chassis ??

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    Real Cost of your Tube Chassis ??

    What`s the real cost of building your own tube chassis??

    Steel tube and sheet?

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    All new steel, new brakes, new wheel bearing, new steering knuckles, new ball joints, rebuilt steering rack, rebuilt brake booster and cylinder, paint on the chassis, new wheels and tires, emergency brake, shocks and coil-overs = $13,000.00 CDN dollars.

    To have the sheet steel cut and bent cost $3000.00. The plans were $1500.00. The steel was under $1000.00.
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    Lets see what i have

    -Steel check
    -breaks check
    -wheel bearings check
    -steering knuckles check
    -steering rack
    -New brake booster and cylinder check
    -new wheels and tires check
    -shocks and coilovers check
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