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Thread: Donor Wheelbase - Game of Inches

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    Donor Wheelbase - Game of Inches

    It feels like step one to a good donor is wheelbase. I spend countless hours going around on Wikipedia comparing wheelbases for cars I think are suitable donors.

    Too long by a few inches appears to be acceptable. However, too short could be devastating. Some of the nonstretch cars look off. I'm always wondering, what is the MAX number of
    inches a car can be short.

    Is it a inch? two inches? Maybe even three inches?

    Assume you have a fairly accurate body and discuss.

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    Edit: Game of "Millimeters" for everyone using the measuring system that actually makes sense

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    Having a different wheelbase can be hidden so it’s not as noticeable. Look at DNA’s 360 and 430s. The mr2s wheelbase is almost a 6 inch difference to the 360s and 430s. Although they hide it well by extending the body. On the other end of the spectrum. I have seen Lambos on unstretched Fiero’s and they look like a toy.

    I believe a lot depends on the body design of the car. Some are much more forgiving than others.
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    an equally important measurement is the leading edge of the front door to the front wheelwell. especially for cab-forward designs(458) and those with longer gaps, like the 575M. getting this measurement right also save a lot of work in extending steering colums, various wires and lines etc.

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