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Thread: Audi R8 Replica

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    Is that the company that used to be called Enzo designs?<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    audi R8 body

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven View Post
    Attachment 22975Pretty nice replica
    hi does anyone know anything more about the builder of this Audi R8 body and prices and an email address?

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    I’d be surprised if a kit would make sense anymore.
    In the UK an R8 can be had for as little as $40k US. In the US they are in the tall $50s for early high miles cars.
    By the time you factor in so many things - wheels, tires, lights, paint etc, there isn’t a significant enough difference for you not to be essentially flushing your money away. And you get a whole host of work.

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    It makes a lot more sense to buy a flooded or wrecked salvage title one and repair it for a similar price as a well made replica. You'll have the real deal and it will always be worth more than a replica.

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