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Thread: Best donor for this Ferrari concept?

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    Best donor for this Ferrari concept?

    Link to same image

    I had the chance to quick message the designer of this car, Mr.Raad which was entered in a Ferrari contest... He may ask the company if he could make another small model and Im thinking it would be great if he can crowd source fund this kit.

    Do you guys think to make first one, if it could raise enough funds to use a Ferrari 360 as a donor?

    And perhaps copied shells can be refitted over to a Porsche boxer for more people to purchase this beautiful design.

    Maybe some roof tops could be modified to fit old school le man windshields and look closer to the original design.

    How would it work?
    We setup a crowd funded website plan under the designers name, and he would pay someone very reputable like Mr.Vetter (with his work and being on TV) to put the car on either a Ferrari360 or stretched Boxster.

    First builder prospect
    His work

    Designer website

    Ill be messaging the designer tonight and see what he thinks. Maybe Ferrari has total rights over it, but maybe the artist has similar spirited work.
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