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Thread: NAERC Chassis Plans.....FREE BEFORE SUNDAY 11/10/13 @ NOON

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    NAERC Chassis Plans.....FREE BEFORE SUNDAY 11/10/13 @ NOON

    So here are the rules, I have the plans in .pdf format, and will send out a group e-mail to anyone who pm's me their e-mail address by Sunday 11/10/13 @ noon (California time). I'm unsure of how long the plans will take to send so give it a little while after noon before asking where the e-mail is. Things might also come up in my life where I can't send them out as early as I hoped but, they will go out Sunday.

    These plans appear to be a scan of the original but they're still very detailed and can be enlarged to whatever size/format you wish. They come complete with all the cut/bend sheets, bill of materials, parts list, hardware kit, yada yada yada.

    These plans are FREE....yeah that's right FREE no strings, no catches, etc. I will take donations however if anyone feels like doing so (pm for paypal)

    I have had these plans on my computer for a few months now and no viruses have come up with them. HOWEVER, if there is a virus i take no responsibility for you not having some kind of virus protection.

    So to recap, pm me your e-mail address before noon on Sunday, and sometime on Sunday you will receive an e-mail with the plans attached. E-mail subject will be "NAERC Chassis Plans"

    If you want a hard copy let me know in your pm. Hard copies will cost something though, i'm not "in" with anyone at Kinko's or any other store that makes copies so what I pay, you will have to pay (including shipping costs). Unsure of total price but if there's interest, i can find out about costs.

    If anyone has any concerns about my reputation feel free to check out my feedback on ebay "Boostd94sol" or "Itzmy91teg". Or, feel free to ask me personally, i have nothing to hide.

    (Those of you who have already pm'd me, i got your pm, no need to message me again)
    (Mod's, if this post is in the wrong location, or if I have broken some kind of rule let me know and i'll take it down)
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    Hi there,
    Only just found the post! Too late to request or even buy a set of plans?

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    This fellow was the only person licensed to sell the chassis plans from NAERC back when NAERC was still in business. He still has plans for sale.

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    Posted in wrong thread

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