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Thread: Prova windscreen pillars - inaccurate? Discuss...

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    Prova windscreen pillars - inaccurate? Discuss...

    Ok, so I have an early Prova tube frame car, one of the more accurate replicas, I understand.

    I think the windscreen (windshield) pillars may be wrong.

    On the genuine car, the glass goes from door frame to door frame, thus:
    Name:  1978-Lamborghini-Countach-LP400S.jpg
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    And here:
    Name:  Lamborghini-Countach yellow-Front-Angle-st.jpg
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    This would imply that the upper face of the 'A' pillars is lower than the edge of the door frame, to allow the two to be flush once the glass is installed.

    On the Prova, the surface of the windscreen pillar is already flush with the door frame, meaning that an 'extra' line of body coloured material is created between the windscreen and the door frame, thus: Name:  JN9_006.jpg
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Size:  66.9 KB. This car (awesome) is the Bob Fonger car recently listed on Ebay for $110,000, described as based on a 'PROVO' body from the UK, also described as moulded off a real car therefore 'accurate'. This is in no way a criticism of that car, it is epic. I wish I was even able to imagine a replica being that good... anyways, here's a couple more Prova pics. Look at where the 'A' pillar joins the roof:

    Name:  DSCN8872email.jpg
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    Name:  $T2eC16VHJGYFFkuykqedBSNcVriRYw~~60_12.JPG
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    Now, the finished cars are beautifully done, and all credit to the builders, but what glass did they use? If the genuine glass is supposed to cover the 'A' pillars, which these do not, what windscreen did they use? What to do now with a Prova kit if accuracy is sought? Do I cut a genuine windscreen, or 'grind down' the pillars to allow the window to sit flush with the doors?

    Thoughts guys and girls?

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