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Thread: New Bentley Build... Any help appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CARBUILDER View Post
    Seeing as your from Canada the very first thing you need to do is go to this page "Kit Cars" in Canada - Transport Canada.
    Become very familiar with it and fully understand every word of it then contact Dept. of Transport in person and confirm in writing it ok to import what you want to import.

    The only other alternative is to find a "kit" or kit builder that actually makes the kit or parts right here in Canada. Very few do and quality can be an issue.
    As crazy as this sounds, a plan was conceived to drive a donor down to respectable shop/kit car builder in the U.S. leave it with them for 4-6 weeks to do as much of the body as possible that we can travel back to Canada without too many brows being raised. A place to reside during the possible 2 months spent in the States is fine and a rental can cover travel. In terms of my job, not so easy but, I could, if it came down to it b.s. some big corporate meeting in the states and drag it as long as possible. :S

    Importing the body kits with interiors is fine, a whole car and I'll have the RCMP asking about me (again, long story...). I've done import, export before and sneaking a car into the country is worlds harder then out. I really don't want to import a almost finished car, I'm looking at gathering parts and building it here, saves a lot of headaches.

    Everything is hypothetical, of course and I don't condone illegal import or export of cars or otherwise.

    Any comments or questions, I'm happy to take in the collective info available at MadMechanics.

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    I don't take kindly to thieves! And by that I mean your comment about collecting insurance on your inability to finish a project! I am not looking for an argument, I just hope you were joking! When you collect on insurance deliberately you are stealing from everyone, I work very hard for my money and don't appreciate others taking advantage of things set in place to help us when it's "NEEDED"!!! I wish you the best of luck in your build and hope you don't "TORCH" a Vaydor when things go south! Once again I hope you were joking!!!

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    have to agree with purple lp670, first of all, you're taking money that doesnt belong to you, secondly, you trash perfectly good stuff, and thirdly you make a smart ass comment about it too. cant appreciate it even a little

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    First off everyone, not a thief. I have cut corners in life but, not at the expense of others (that I know of).

    In further detail of the comment, it was a friend's car, not mine and was entirely a joke based on the sheer level of frustration associated with the endless work needed to be done on it. Being that it wasn't mine, my heart and soul was not in it and my friend ended up selling it for parts. '95 Prelude, if anyone is wondering.

    I wouldn't trash anything especially a car, everything has a price...

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    Vegas, sent you a PM

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    You haven't cut corners at the expense of others... That you know of?


    your a joke.

    you have this fantasy shop willing to work for free advertising that you plan on plastering on your precious fantasy vaydor?

    then your going to BS your way into a fantasy corporate meeting and prolong it.

    it's cool to dream every now and then. It sucks when you believe your own lies. That's an issue.
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    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me find the correct grill for my Bentley Kit. I understand that people are trimming down a bentey style chrysler 300 grill. my issue is that when I look on ebay for the grills, there are many different styles. could someone please send me a link to the same kind one on Ebay that Matt was using for his builds? the help would very valued. Thanks Name:  20130713_142528.jpg
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    They are all made in China. Just buy the cheapest one for a Chrysler 300. That's it. Should be 35 to 40.00 The other grills are cut from stainless sheet.

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    I understand but not sure if its uses the first or second gen Chrysler 300 grill. Also I remember the grill used in this photo had a crease in the very center, just like the OEM Bentley grill. Im having trouble finding any on ebay with a crease. A link to a creased bentley style 300 grill would be really appreciated. Thanks

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    Also, I have tried to advertise my car in the classified section on here, but it never shows up after doing so. Any Idea's? Thanks
    Here are the details as of my craigslist ad :

    Im buying a house so Im selling off my rare exotic car collection and a super low price. I have videos of the cars that I can email. please call me at # 214 808 nine seven five nine

    1. Bentley Arnage - $26000
    This beautiful hand built car cost a staggering $230000 when new and is now a bargain and $29k. This Arnage is built on a, one year only, full reliable BMW drive train and suspension. Interior and exterior are in amazing condition. runs and drives great. With only 49k original miles on the clock, At only $29k and only 49k miles, this Bentley will not last long, so hurry before its gone.

    2.- 2010 Bentley GT convertible replica- $27000
    This Continental was built on a modern American drive-train to allow the ability to reliably drive daily without and expensive maintenance cost to worry about. The entire drive train is of a Chrysler Sebring GTC V6 and can confidently and easily be service, insured, inspected, and registered and such. The car has absolutely no issues and runs and drives beautifully. Some working options to note are: power windows, power Ostrich leather and diamond tuck suede seats, power convertible top, power door locks, 'touchscreen stereo with DVD, NAV, and premium Infinity sounds system, and all leather and suede wrapped interior, Cross drilled Brembo brakes on all four wheels, real Bentley badges, back up camera. 90k miles. The car car is only $24000.

    3. Porsche Carrera GT hardtop concept car - $17000
    . It is the yellow one pictured below. Built on a stretched Fiero GT v6 with 29k original miles. full tune up including new injectors. new shocks and brakes. . Runs and drives great. Only 29k original miles. Rear mounted, mid engine v6, rear wheel drive. brand new leather interior and replica dashboard. $17000 firm
    Name:  IMG_20140723_201347_742.jpg
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