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Thread: 458 front headlights

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    Right they should have them, except I would double check on if they are actually legal to use. You can throw in some alternative headlights for when passing the inspection, then put the replicas headlights after... but then there is a very small chance that a police officer might pull you over to checkout your replica (they're car guys too) and actually look for the DOT/ASA marking on the lens cover. If you do have a lens cover with those markings but the officer knows they are fake, it could be some kind of fraud or something... who knows.
    Also if you get into an accident, insurance companies are always looking to not pay out on technicalities and could use the excuse of illegal headlights to void the insurance.

    I read your PM adamniko, I'll answer it here incase others are interested in what Im making...
    My plans of "converting" them are basically to overlap the shape with the Saleen design... and create surrounding LEDs with a secondary lens cover made of clear hard plastic. So it would keep the original lens and also have an accessory LED lens section which should be legal. What Im not sure about is if it will look clean and flush with the body yet. I may also kind of cheat and create one large lens to overlap it all... I still dont know. To sell anything would probably just be the Saleen outline template and the secondary LED casing (with LEDs) to surround the Celica ones that you'd order yourself. It may cost $50-100 a set depending on the quality of LEDs I source.
    This will be for a 300ZX car that I want to redesign... concept pictures in my Facebook signature link.

    Personally I'd try the DNA set first and see how far you can get away with it.

    Edit - you can probably make your own but just overlap the Celica ones and not add the LEDs that I have planned.
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    i got some used oem headlights if you want some with lil scratches and like new 2500$ both sides +shipping

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    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    458 lights

    IKR are these headlights available if so how much for a set

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    Have you tried such from ebay?

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