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Thread: Ferrari 288 GTO Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobie44 View Post
    Well Iíve finally finished all the home and yard projects that have be holding up my build since we moved, and am back to work.
    i picked up a lift for my shop which will makes working on the bottom and sides of the car much easier and perhaps even save my back!!!
    I am working on my interior the ultimate goal to make a more modern updated interior. Starting with the dash endeavouring to incorporate the 550 instrument pod I picked up from Riceburrer a couple years ago into a modified 308 ďPisaĒ dash. I didnít want to destroy a perfectly good dash so I molded the dash and layer up one to cut up to add the pod.

    For the centre console Iím using one I picked up from Don that is for a 355 I picked up all the switchers from him as well. Iím running a 4T65e auto I wanted to eliminate the shifter Ē takes up to much real estateĒ replacing it with a PCS paddle shifter and controller.
    The seats Iím replacing with some APR racing seats , much more support and allows for a 4 point harness install.
    ill post some pics as I go need to figure out how to post them , itís been awhile.

    Coming along, looks great been following an while great to see. love this car

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    Welcome back, Wayne. Looks good.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Thanks Guys ,itís great to be back to work

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