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Thread: prova countach build manual???

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    prova countach build manual???

    Hi i am new to the forums and i have a prova tube chassis countach i am building that I purchased with out a build manual but i would like a manual for reference if I need it.... I've seen the thread on here for a prova countach build manual with a reply even about thanking the guy for posting it but I can't seem to find it/open the link...any help would be appreciated...thanks so much guys

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    Here you are. A fellow over on Lamboclone posted them. Link below.

    Prova Countach Assembly and Owners Manuals

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Thanks for the link do I open it...there is a reply on there from someone else but I don't see a way to open it or download it....any more help.would be greatly appreciated

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    faux sure you need to register on the forum, then you can see the manuals to download them. I just did it quick and simple.
    You get conformation via email and you are good to go.

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