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Thread: Exomotive Exocet Build

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    Exomotive Exocet Build

    I wanted my first post here to be good after lurking for so long. I am building an exocet on a '95 mazda miata with my Dad. I ordered an orange frame with black panels that I will later wrap with blue chrome. I will eventually do some sort of forced induction to the car. But enough of that, now some pictures!

    The pretty little donor.
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    There's literally too much muscle in this little four-banger.
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    I loved the car so much but I never thought it was fast enough. This kit should decrease the weight of the car by about 1/3 so I should have a very noticeable change in the power-to-weight ratio. I either plan to keep the motor in and turbo or supercharge it or swap in a ls1.
    I've just started stripping out the car and I've made some good progress with a lot of help from friends. I'm super excited to get my kit from Exomotive and can't wait to give you guys some updates.
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