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Thread: Engine oil kin my poor old Ferrari 308

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    Quote Originally Posted by CARBUILDER View Post
    Do not confuse oil systems with fuel systems as fuel delivery systems need to have bearings or some form of restriction built into them to produce the pressure. Most manufacturers add the pressure restrictions as part of the fuel pump design for safety reasons. Restricting fuel lines, tanks, filters etc. not really practical or safe. Basic engine oil systems by their nature have restrictions built in as they use cam, crank bearings, etc. so the oil pumps usually just provide needed flow rates. Some newer engines and diesels need more pressure than the bearing restrictions can provide so "high pressure" pumps come in to play. All pump pressure does is “fill in the hole” and refresh the oil in the annular space faster than the leak expels it. This is why low-speed engines have relatively large journals, with only modest pump size and pressure. Low pressure indicates that leakage from the bearings is higher than the pump’s delivery rate. Test oil pump flow rate for pump failure then test oil pressure for engine bearing wear.
    Bearing in mind (bad pun) there are exceptions to everything.
    It could also mean the viscosity of the oil is to thin, or the oil pump is week or has a restricted pickup tube.

    (And BTW, fuel systems dont need bearings to make pressure)
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    Could be a couple of quarts (litres) short too .........

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