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Thread: Porsche transaxel into a fiero swap?

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    just want to say hi guys and i used the 012 in my Fiero build due to cheap and easy to find mine came out of a 2000 passat and all the boxster shifting linkage bolts right up but i was told that 300 to 350 HP with around 300 FT LBS of torque is all it could handle . the transmission bolts right up and i used a 034 motor sports flywheel insert the clutch works perfect no spacing needed , if you run a 40 valve with timing chains you will be able to run the engine about 1 inch further forward than i can and your axle centerlines will be about 2 inches off minw is three inches out from front to back but ifeel it will be fine youcan check out what i did at Pennocks Audi A8 My Fiero - Pennock's Fiero Forum

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    did you go forward with this build

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply on here bud. I'll be checking your thread on Pennocks for expert advice!

    There was a guy on here who built an Esprit with a 4.2 Audi engine in it, awesome build, and this MR2 on Ebay right now with an Audi V8 in it too:


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    i love Fieros and wanted somthing out of the norm and the Audi V8 is the shortest i could find and it mated right up to the 012 transaxle and gave me a longitudinal install . I have just bought a Eaton M122 Blower of a 2010 Shelby GT500 Mustang and i will be putting that on for more power and cool factor .

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