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Thread: DNA Westcoast video

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    Quote Originally Posted by notnilc20 View Post
    What year and model Mercedes is used? Looks like a slk, but what year?
    SL500 2002/3 to 2008?
    Early ones can be picked up surprisingly cheaply. Okay, not MR2 cheap but...

    One of the great things about a DNA kit, is you know it's well done and all available. Also with a roof like that, who's going to think its a kit?

    Roland and Brian keep bringing out great kits with amazing build support and to date (to my knowledge) not screwed any customers over - quite the opposite in fact! If you're looking for an easy kit build, DNA have it for you.

    For a more challenging, perfect one, go for a lambo shell only kit. I personally don't have the skill or time for those, (but would love a reventon one day.) You can go full bore on these and make it perfect, but from my experience, what you see here is a quality replica kit.
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    I love it

    Its based on the 2003-up sl500 or sl55/sl600, you can find them very cheap with light body damage
    And the sl55/sl600 had performance similar to the Ferrari

    If it wasn't so expensive i would want this one . Lots of the safety's still retained in the sl structure so I would feel comfortable at high speed

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    I am building a dna 4thirty at the moment, now, initially I went with the Extreme 430, but due to me being no good at fabrication! I sold it and went the DNA route.

    One of the reasons I went Extreme was the price, at I think 3999 for the kit against 13500 for DNA, its a bargain...EXCEPT... with DNA you get:
    Replacement suspension parts
    4 rear lights
    high level brake light
    ALL the parts to assemble the headlights
    side indicators
    fake roll bars
    fake engine
    All brackets
    hinges for the pods
    hinges for the fake engine
    dampers for the rear deck
    Every little body part required
    bonding agent
    4 NEW wheels including tyres
    All wheel spacers
    etc etc etc

    You also have an optional fake brakes kit and interior kit

    Apart from a few nuts and bolts, you dont need to buy anything else!

    So to me, the Extreme was a false economy.

    I know for a fact that when you buy the West Coast, you will have everything you need in the kit including the replica headlights which have had a lot of man hours put into them.
    So keep this in mind when you say its expensive, as I think it will also come with spacers and possibly replacement wheels?

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    ive been n the bodysho and car business for many many years and i will second what phills has replied.many kits have passed throgh here and you get the basics and the manufactuer says theres nothing else to get but months on and 5000 more your still hunting for the bits to finnish off the build.

    with dna you get 99% of everything you need to build and finnish the build off.ive seen the west coast and its a great car.the easiest build i think anyone has ever produced in the fact that the doner car has all the stuff left on and its virtually a body build.

    people think its expensive doner and kt but look what you actuall get for the money.

    mercedes doner car in various options.
    no engine mods as comes with v8 in many power outputs
    the sound of a true supercar
    the ride quality of a 70-80,000 car
    the speed if needed
    a car that doesnt need extending out much further than stock
    luxury interior (which im sre someone will adjust and restyle to make for california looking)
    and once fitted with the kit you basicly have a car that not only looks like the real deal it goes and sounds and drives like one too.

    so you need kit (no other parts required except small odds and sods dependent on your build ideas
    mercedes doner
    bodyshop to paint (or diy)
    and there you go a perfect rep for a fraction of the real one.

    not many companies have tried to put a perfect doner and kit together to make what most people are saying is the perfect replica.

    with some little mods or even a aero kit etc it could make this car even more perfect.

    i for one have sampled many other companies kits and i do beleive there is some great kits out there that are up there with the best but as a whole and for service and ease of build id go dna as you get what you see and are stress of not having to search for extra spares etc

    my dad brought and built a ktcar from a top manfactuer and was told all was in kit.he had to spend an exra 6000 to finnish it.luckily for him he could afford this but some people may get stuck wih a unfinnfished kit as they hadnt forseen these costs at start.

    keep an eye out on the first westcost cars being built and see for yourselves

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    Hi thanks for the great comments, this is a a kit that delivers the performance and the looks for the first time, with the combination of an amazing donor it goes as it looks and the quality is better than any thing we have done before. more pics will follow very shortly.
    The West Coast is by far the most amazing product DNA has done to date.

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    We are delighted to now be distributing DNA Automotive kits and turnkeys directly in the USA.

    We can confirm the comments above, the DNA Comprehensive Kits include so many parts that others leave out, right down to the glue and bonding agents.

    Whether you want a project that you can actually complete yourself, or prefer a turnkey experience, you cannot go wrong choosing DNA. Customer Service and Factory Support are exceptional.

    DNA Automotive USA has a ton of pictures and information on both our main web site and our Facebook page. Please go and Like us now, and Share with your friends.

    We look forward to helping you 'Drive Your Dream'...
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    Looks like Superreplicas aka Koenigsegg pagani aka las vegas replicas aka mansory tv got their dirty scammer hands on your video? correct me if I'm wrong

    ferrari california replica - YouTube

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    I just asked them some questions on their youtube video.

    I hate seeing DNA ripped off. The guys there really have brought great things to the kit car industry.

    Didn't realise they could just wipe comments on YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by MunkyKing View Post
    I just asked them some questions on their youtube video.

    I hate seeing DNA ripped off. The guys there really have brought great things to the kit car industry.

    Didn't realise they could just wipe comments on YouTube
    They deleted my comment on Youtube, this morning.

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