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Thread: sold my lamb looking to build bentley. need resources

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    sold my lamb looking to build bentley. need resources

    Ok so topic says it all, I have a good kit lined up. High quality, done a lot of extensive things to my murcielago during its stay with me. I'm looking to build a bentley. Doesn't have to be over the top extreme, I'm really just seeing if any one makes the smoked lexan lens for tail lights and head lights?? I had them on my murcielago and honestly I'm cool with that.

    Also I notice that there is a lack of detailed videos of the critical areas. Door skins seem to get a little puzzling to me. Any help??? I've seen cosart videos and uhhh thats not for my level of understanding; and plus I won't be using that cki kit. it will be one of fugazzi few left over kits the gtc S's type ... any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Posting on board w/ my phone, sorry for the jumbled words

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    Also Would love to buy a mounted kit on car or project stage but I'm not spending consumer prices at 20k plus.

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