I am sorry to hear about the death in the family. That absolutely does take priority over business without question. When we did speak on the phone almost 8 weeks ago you stated you had a personal obligations and left it at that (I was unaware it was death) and were out of the shop for the last week but would be back to business soon. As I've stated before I am in no hurry at all but get concerned when I get no email reply since September 1st and several unanswered phone calls over the past 7-8 weeks.
I understand you were paid for the plug and you completed it and I requested further services, but with no contact for almost 2 months I get nervous that I may be out my entire in $5600 investment if you cant be reached (which happens more often than not, sadly, in the kit car industry). Just a simple 2 minute phone call answer or a reply to an email stating the progress would put me at ease.
Please let me know when you are available to talk so we can make arrangements. I'm literally available 8am-2am every day for a phone call.
Sorry again for your family loss and for this post after missed communications but I felt I have exhausted all other venues to reach you so I tried on here as a last ditch effort.
Hope to hear from you soon