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Thread: Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV Replica

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    Mr. Cook, thank you for your answer. I will indeed spend the rest of my life real happy because of this. Also good to know about not being exact keeps the cost down. I had no idea how that worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooky View Post
    Iv'e posted a reply already to some of your nonsense remarks, but I now add to your remark about sagging hood/bonnet. With experience in mould making back to 1966 I can tell you that its impossible to tell any surface defects from such a photo. The hood was PERFECT and what you see is shadows. This is shown when you describe it as a black car when in fact it was a dark cherry red (Ferarri colour) Tut .tut. Ken Cook, designer and manufacturer of the Stinger 77 and still restoring classic Brit cars mostly Jags. When you want some bon-fide info on the Stinger,...come direct to me, lad and I will put you right.
    Hi Cooky. Hope you are well. If you look back a page or two I think you will see that the comments on the wavy hood we're not mine.My KMC Countach replica Body was built by John Easton And has steel reinforced roof and windshield frame with proper size A pillars to accept OEM style curve windshield.That curved oem style windshield is costly so I can see why some people use flat glass. I think the cars you built ( if the ones in previouse post photos) looks very good overall. I certainly would not have the skills to build that.
    I applaud anyone on this site with the will to try and build there dream car. I Hope to get mine on the road one day? I guess a majority of people on this site are at some stage of a build process.I think all of us Who Are in The process of trying to build a Countach replica all have a passion For probably the most beautiful car ever built, rolling sculpture! Thanks for letting us know a bit more on the history of your cars.
    Best wishes

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    That's great that this thread has been alive and kickin' since I've been gone. Welcome to the forums Cooky.
    Please note the use of the word "appears" which means may or may not be. I hope you are not offended by what amounts to a comparison between the different producers of the kits and our discussion on how we are going to make our own cars more accurate. Some features on a car may be desireable to one person and may not be to another person, ie beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your model is one of the better ones out there.

    Thank you for sharing some of your interesting history. I'm curious to know how your molds originated, as it seems to have some features from the Prova, and to which company in Dallas they were sold to. Feel free to send me a PM if its "highly classified" information.

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