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Thread: nut inserts

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    nut inserts

    Hopping someone has some sources as I had run out and none of my suppliers don't have it and cant find it anywhere on the net.

    I'm looking for a nut inserts shaped lite a T flange on one side and narrow knurled skirt all the way through that I can put into a 3/8 aluminum plate. The nut needs to be fully threaded 3/8 in length with 3/8-24 thread.
    All I can find are either collapsible that are inserted with tool and squeezed or longer ones that are only threaded half way.

    I cant attach any pictures as example (erh) and I can do is post a link\imgs\nut-insert.jpg

    any help is appreciated

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    I couldn't get your link to load. The only kind I use is with the setting tool but if I could get the link to work I can look around. Fine threads in aluminum insert might be harder to find. I looked at what is available in the brand I use with the setting tool and they are 3/8-16.


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    Also check Amazon. They have tons on there. I order from them almost weekly.
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    First off thanks to both of you for the replies

    I may have explained it incorrectly never the less I think you are referring to "crush" type inserts that are fastened with a tool then shoulder gets compressed in order to fasten it

    This is exactly what I'm looking for and thank you for the link. I had never thought of Amazon as a hardware supplier. I'll check to see if they have other options.

    Again thanks to both of you

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    If I need to install 1/4-20 or smaller. I have one of these and they are available from the local Harbor Freight or online.( I have a higher end brand name, can't remember but seems like Arrow. Anyway it got legs and walked off. I replaced it with this cheap Harbor Freight one and I've had it 5-6 years. Works fine.

    For larger ones I use ones I got from Grainger ( You'll have to search for your size. I have this setting tool for 3/8 and I notice it has 3/8-24 but I use 3/8-16 ($smthumb$)

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