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Thread: Wild tricked out lambos in japan

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    Wild tricked out lambos in japan

    Japanese custom lambos. Throwing money at an elite Lambo does not necessary make it look any better.
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    The fact that someone has such horrid taste that they actually think that these tacky looking mods are acceptable is distressing enough. The fact that they have so much money they can afford to defile Lambos is yet another.

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    Everyone has different tastes. Everyone has different budgets. Just because the car next to you doesn’t have perfect paint, or features some discount brand parts doesn’t make it any less deserving of its owner’s pride. Don’t like his style? Keep it to yourself – because there are probably plenty of people who don’t like yours either. Do you care what they think? I'm guessing not.

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    I came across this one about a month ago, looks like the same bunch.
    Remember, there is always next year.

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