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Thread: Im back been busy

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    Im back been busy

    Hello everyone, yeah im still kicking and I believe I still have the quickest Ferrari replica in the USA : )
    I cant log in with my old username so I have not been visiting much..
    News? Looking at throwing a turbo on the Aldino this winter and getting even faster.. Hoping to get into the 9sec 1/4 mile range..
    I have to get together with the monkeyking again.. I see he has been busy the past few years..
    I hope to be spending more time here now..

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    Hey mate! How have you been?
    Glad to see you back on the web. Hope all is good with you.
    I have a little rocket of my own now though it's not as cool as your Aldino!
    We finally finished the house build and have moved in. We are in Mound now.

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