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Thread: G28 - Simple Mans, Simple REDO of an G28 LP640

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    The prior owner must have tried a couple of different version of hinges as there are a few holes to be fixed

    The OEM hinges work but not sure I really like them as it required additional modification to the body.

    thanks Murci Me for the picture of your hinge and trunk set up, I might have to give that a try!

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    Forgot to post pictures of the rear wide track suspension and brake set up.

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    love the way that you attack things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flatfourfan View Post
    love the way that you attack things.
    thanks! I just keep plugging away

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    Nothing like a sequel.... but dont they always sux?

    Trunk lid II ....aka muffler cover

    Is it a horror or a comedy? ... or both?!!

    Im not sure what the prior owner was doing here?

    the screws are not working for me!

    oh boy!!

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    Finally the car is out of the shop!!!

    One of the front spindles is wrong. When mounted the brake pad is pressed up to the outside side of the rotor, and the wheel wont even turn. Thinking its a weld that warped the spindle during the mfg process

    Using 5k lb atv wench to bring the car back into the shop.

    Wednesday will be fiber glass grinding and cutting day, which is always a good time!!

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    Grind, fiberglass, fiberglass, fiberglass, Sand, Dyna glass, Sand, Rage gold
    Sand, Wench back in side
    Almost done, needs a tweak

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    Next on the simple redo is the windshield.

    First problem is the A pillars were built up so the windshield when in place was flush with the doors and roof.

    the passengers A pillar had a nice chunk of rage and a hump that was removed

    the recess along the roof and doors was sanded and a 5/8" space was created for the windshield to rest in

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    while working on the recess ...hmmmm?

    that doesnt look good...

    Go figure we have an issue

    the curvature of the A pillar on passenger side wrong, driver side okay

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    With the windshield installed in the recess, thanks Murci Me for the guidance, much appreciated!

    ... another problem?

    If the windshield in set correctly on the passenger side, the windshield sticks out or overhangs the drivers "A" pillar and the Drivers door will not close

    The prior owner got the doors to close but neglected to make sure they would work with the windshield?

    So the drivers "A" pillar width needed to be increased.

    Grind off a $hit ton of Rage filler to get to fiber glass.
    Fiberglass, Fiberglass, sand etc

    Then the Door needed to be cut back, Cut Check, Cut Check, Cut Check, Sand, Sand Check Sand Check.

    Yes the windshield is cracked now

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