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Thread: Riot on ebay.

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    Riot on ebay.

    One of my fav cars when I was a kid. I started on a vw based fiberfab avenger. It was a pos, but cool for that period. I always liked the riot and Mclela when I was younger. Then the countach, f355, lp640....

    Imagine redoing this car with some cool headlights, taillights, 20" rims, 14" stretch, ducts and grilles, new seats and interior.

    Heres the ebay link:
    Yellow Vetter Carrera Gt-boxter based
    White Vetter Murcielago-boxter based
    White Gagliardi Vendetta
    Gemballa avalanche 911

    Team Mad Mechanics 2016

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    This one has been for sale for quite a bit of time. Its been on ebay 4-6 times and was on CL all last year. Cool cars.

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    Interesting looking car. Shows mid 90s styling on a car that was basically designed in the 60s. Very cool

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    It looks good

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