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Thread: Fiero Wide Track Suspension

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    Fiero Wide Track Suspension

    I made this kit several years ago for a lambo project and never used it. A couple years ago my family suffered a major house fire that destroyed almost everything. I managed to salvage most of the front end hard parts including the cross member, A arms but the ball joints, coil over shocks, spindles and bushings were destroyed either in the fire or was scooped up during the clean up. Not sure if this is still something still needed? Whats it worth. Build pix -

    Links to individual pix below -

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    I would be interested in these parts and I'll offer $200 and shipping cost for them. Let me know where your at so I can have a guess at shipping if you want to sell. Thanks

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    Are these parts sold?

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    The parts that he has makes up the slalom suspension kit sold by West Shore Fabricating - Arraut motorsports, formrly known as Held Motorsports

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