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Thread: WTB: IMMEDIATELY - Murcielago Roadster

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    WTB: IMMEDIATELY - Murcielago Roadster

    I have cash in hand and have been looking for a Murcielago Roadster. Preferably in Yellow, fully running and driving.

    I'd prefer the donor to be an MR2 Spyder, but will settle for a Fiero if it's proper dimensions, had upgraded brakes, suspension, etc.

    I don't have the time to do any work on the car.

    If anyone knows anyone selling one or if you came across one for sale please reply here or PM me.

    Thank you!


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    How much cash do you have to spend ?
    A car needing nothing is going to be over $40k

    Ask over at

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    I have a kit car LP640 Conv. built on an MR2, where are you located?

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