I am posting for the first time here and I am hopeful that some of the more veteran builders and mechanics can help me out.

I am purchasing a high quality 355 replica that is a good chunk of the way to completion. However, it does require a convertible top and I am looking for one.

1. Is anyone selling an automoda top at present? I realize they are very scarce but I felt it was worth the ask
2. Does anyone know of another type of convertible top that anyone has built or has for sale that is good quality ?
3. Does anyone know if an oem 355 dash and console can be modified to fit the fiero ?

4. I have seen the Amida interior and it is a beautiful work of art, unfortunately it is a bit out of my range right now. Does anyone have one for sale that they have not utilized or is there
an alternative to it.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help. I appreciate all of your feedback.