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Thread: What kind of cake do you like?

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    What kind of cake do you like?

    I like chocolate with a melted chocolate middle layer and then a load of icing on top
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    I Love Ice Cream cake.
    An Ice cream cake is ice cream. A famous form is a 3-layer cake, with a layer of ice cream among layers of cake. In a standard meeting, the cake element is baked in the ordinary way, cut to shape if important, and then frozen. Ice cream is formed in a mould as appropriate, and those additives are then assembled whilst frozen. Whipped cream is often used for frosting, as a compliment to the 2 other textures, and because many typical frostings will not adhere correctly to frozen cake.
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    Chocolate cake with Irish buttercream

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    I like chocolate

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    I don't like all kinds of chocolate

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    Red Velvet Cake - my all-time favorite INGREDIENTS * cup /113 grams butter, ... If there was a competition for the grumpiest preggy, I would have won the award with distinction. ... Looks somewhat like that, except that you add a layer of Pandan Chiffon ..... Which type of cake do you like more??

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    I definitely love mocha cake. I'll do everything for mocha. Next in line is, ice cream cake which is pretty popular right now in the market.
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    1) chocolate cake - but by chocolate cake I mean gooey chocolatey goodness.
    2) carrot cake
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    That would probably be Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake.

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