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Thread: WANTED: Dummy Disk Brakes

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    Can you post pictures of these fake rotors? And what is the diameter
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    Still looking since dude is a total waste of time and flake....

    Quote Originally Posted by matrixtinter View Post
    I have a set of the DNA fiberglass ones and I think I still have the metal brackets to hold the fake caliper cover you can have it all for 250 bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rippin6Gears View Post
    Still looking since dude is a total waste of time and flake....
    The only way I can imagine them working is if they bolt too the stationary metal behind rotor... anything that spins and suppose too be a caliper is going too look weird. I normally take my wheel off and go too a metal shop. Have them cut flat circles that function like dust covers- make them show u the difference in gauges.. pick a thickness your comfortable with.... have them cross drill or use standard drill holes ...............or paint black too hide or paint same color as your car w/no holes . Otherwise your going too actually have too change the suspension. Wish I knew anything any other options

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    Murcie me was making thick aluminum fake rotors - they do not spin
    There are the thin aluminum Fake rotor covers on eBay

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    They are very simple to make, just buy some plate aluminum and cut them from that. For the caliper, make a bracket that attaches to the existing caliper bracket.
    I could make them for you but it would be a bit expensive.
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